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Home  >   Ask Mattamnuel (love advice from a real lover)   >   Why does my man like me to fuck him with a dildo?
If you are looking for love advice from a real lover please let me inform you that you have found the place.

Click here to ask Mattmanuel.

Why does my man like me to fuck him with a dildo?

From: Trinna
Location: Ohio
Sex: female
Age: 38
Favorite Movie: The Cell

Dear Mattmanuel,

Ok I know he is not gay or any thing like that. He was raped at a party one night when he was passed out drunk and woke with this guy giving it to him. He still hates that it happened to him. But he likes me to give him anal sex with a dildo. I myself enjoy doing it, being the dominate one. Our sex life is great and we have tried almost every thing in this area. He says no he dose'nt want to have sex with a guy. Is it possible that he just found out he enjoyed the feeling? He is younger than I am by 10 years so I am not used to all this openess in a relationship. Men my age are often too closed off so I enjoy this relationship more than I can say. I just wanted to get some one else's opion on this. I would never tell any of our friends because they are so homophobic and I would never want to hurt him by telling them or asking their advice.

Sincerely Trinna

Answers (not necesarilly from the Mattmanuel)


Dear Trinna,

Mattmanuel is very pleased that you asked. Do not worry, there is absolutely no reason for you to feel funny about fucking your boyfriend in the ass with a dildo. A recent Associated Press poll found that 45% of American men love getting anal sex from their female partners, and if the anal sex is approved by the U.N. the numbers jump to 72%. That's a majority Trinna, and because they did a poll, it is now a scientific fact.

I would also like to add that those men who answered NO to the question "Do you regularly receive anal sex from your girlfriend/wife." were only answering no because they were gay, but the questions were cleverly phrased by the religious group who sponsored the poll to force those lovers of anal sex into the opposite camp... Are you following me Trinna? There is a massive propaganda campaign designed to discourage men from enjoying the benefits of anal sex and you, with your guilty post on an internet love site, almost fell for it.

Please Trinna, continue to fuck your boyfriend in the ass, because it is right and it is just and it is the American way of life. If your boyfriend can't enjoy a dildo once in a while, then I say, the religious fundamentalist whackos have already won.

Deeply yours,



P to the S:

Is there anybody in this wide wild internet who actually believes that story about being raped at the party and learning that he loved anal sex from it? You should be more worried about your boyfriend's absence of integrity than his fondness for anal loving.

To be fair, Mattmanuel O my Mattmanuel, Trinna never definitively states that her boyfriend learned that he loved anal sex from his drunken party rape. The two sentences, "he...hates that it happened to him" and "he likes me to give him anal sex with a dildo" are arguably independent declamations. Like if we were talking and I said "my girlfriend was once vaginally raped," and "my girlfriend likes having vaginal sex with me," the two sentences shouldn't be construed as having a connection (Why I would use those two sentences in conversation is another matter). Just because the poor dude was raped doesn't mean his ability to experience sexual pleasure should be ruined forever.

Otherwise, though, brilliant response. As always.


Well then, Mattmanuel- which side of the fence are you on?


Dan, you are correct, Mattmanuel's mind automatically connected those two sentences to make it kinkier, it is something that is as natural to me as breathing. They may be mutually exclusive. Very insightful of you.

Trick Pony, Mattmanuel always likes to straddle this kind of fence, getting a good ride out of it, as if it were a big black pony. Surely you of all people would understand the desire to ride a beautiful black pony wouldn't you?

Amen to that, brother.

This reminds me of the often-pondered question: "Why do I like to dry hump males' asses?"


that's where the male g-spot is, a lot of guys like having their prostate tickled, that's why gay guys take it up the ass, because they get a bang out of it. personally, I can't see the appeal, but each to their own, and maybe i still have to find the right dildo (or get over a whole rack of mental hang-ups..)

He is not the type of guy for you he need help if you love him just help him
listen to me just do it Razz

How long did it take him to notice this happening? I have been extremely drunk in my time, but can't fathom for one second, not feeling someone pulling my pants off and giving it to me in my exit. Sorry, I don't think it is possible. I think there is much more to this story and that your boyfriend does indeed have gay tendencies. I know that the male G-spot is there and all, but I don't buy his story about the party for one second...

so you say there is a male g spot up the backdoor...ive searched & searched & searched but can't seem to find er...where & how and with what or whomm do i find it? Very Happy

Mr. Green [/b]

In the beginning of our relationship, my boyfriend and I were so much in love. We always had fun and never argued. Six months after we hooked up, we started having sex. Ever since then all we do is argue and the only activity we know how to do is to have sex. When we're not having sex, we argue. I never get an orgasm when we do it I just like the way it feels but it's a turn off. He always gets his, and is alwyas horny but im not because I have nothing to look forward to. So when I wont give it up , he gets mad and tells me things like, hes been thinking about doing it with other girls. That hurts, but yet he tells me he loves me, what the hell ever! I dont want to let him go because I think that he will change back to the way he used to be , but I cant keep turning all these others guys down if hes not gonna treat me right.

Dear Cry Baby,


That's a tough one. It sounds like you have a pretty accurate grip on the relationship: either things need to change, or you'd be better off with someone else.

I think you need to have a really honest talk with your boyfriend. You need to tell him exactly what you told us -- that you want to be getting more pleasure out of sex, that you think he needs to take your feelings & needs into consideration -- because right now it sounds like he's just getting angry that you're withholding sex, maybe because he doesn't know why. (Also, it sounds like he's a total asshole -- just for the record). If he understands the problem(s) and refuses to change, you have a decision to make.

Good luck,


You should fuck him up the ass with a dildo, Cry Baby. That's something new, isn't it?


God Bless you Professor.

Not related to this topic in particular – but to all the Fabio’s that take the time to stop by and leave a question for Team 'Ask Mattmanuel' to answer - it would be great to get some feed back on how your life/love etc is post Mattmanuel counsel?

Just a thought.


They're all fair-weather-friends. Only Flirty was ever good enough to come back and report on her escapades.

Plus I think that since we mercilessly insult most of the people who post questions, that might turn them off to coming back for more abuse Wink

I agree, I would really like to know what happens after we have doled out all this priceless advice. Do they listen to it? Do they go against their inner warnings? Is Cry Baby with the guy? Did she do him up the arse?

I must know...

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