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If you are looking for love advice from a real lover please let me inform you that you have found the place.

Click here to ask Mattmanuel.

Should I Fuck This Girl?

Dear Mattmanuel, I have a real problem:

Recently I met a girl who is Hot, like, fucking Wonder Woman Hot. The first time I saw her I instantly thought, "Oh shit, I REALLY want to fuck her." (Notice the emphasis on the word `really')

Anyway since then we have gotten increasingly flirty with each other. At first I figured I was just delusional like that guy who writes the "Flirting" posts, because how could a girl that Hot be interested in me? Then as time went on I realized that she actually is interested. For instance we were just at a party and I was getting a pretty strong vibe from her. Just to make sure I wasn't actually crazy I solicited the opinion of a female friend. "Is it just me or was that girl totally hitting on me just now?" I asked. My female friend laughed and was like, "DUHHHH!!!"

Anyway my question is this. Should I fuck this girl? On one hand she is Hot. On the other hand I'm not interested in a relationship with her (she is that kind of girl we are all attracted to, the "Bad Girl," who is wild and crazy and potentially dangerous). On the other hand she is REALLY HOT. What I'm basically saying is, I want to fuck her, but I don't think it's a good idea, but I REALLY WANT TO FUCK HER.

What do I do?

[Edited on 3-25-2002 by Daniel Strange]

Answers (not necesarilly from the Mattmanuel)

I'm not trying to step on Mattmanuel's toes here but, Dan, I thought I seen remember you stating that if you know if there's a chance for trouble, it's best to stay away? Wasn't it something along those lines?

I say, take your own advice but maybe Mattmanuel would disagree.

Well yeah, but she's SO FUCKING HOT.


I will be the (She-)Devil's advocate here.

You seem to be afraid that if you sleep with this woman, she will crush your undeserving phallus in the vice-like grip of her love lotus.

Now read that last sentence again.

How could you not go for it?!!!

Mattmanuel realizes that you are having moral pangs about "using" this woman as an empty vessel for your reproductive urge. Your super-ego is clouding your judgement, your hunting instinct. However, you can use this to your advantage... There is a certain minority who actually find that type of considerate, chivalric behavior a turn on. You could nurture that side of your personality so as to attract those rare women who actually like that. But that would involve not sleeping with women that you are not interested in having relationships with, which might not be as fun in the short term.

Of course, how do you know that she doesn't just want to use you for sex?

I think you're right Mattmanuel. I'm going to fuck that girl. Thanks!

If the girl is bad in a way that can hurt your life, such as doing drugs or doing bad things, like breaking laws, or if she's a dirty ho , stay as far away from her as you can, you certainly don't want something like that raising your offspring, which when you are impetuous and have sex, these things happen and it could be a nightmare that you will never outlive. If you just think that she's so hot, why not get to know her a little better before you take the plunge. You don't have to have a relationship with her, but no woman that I ever met just wants to F, they want to be made love to. Sex is something you can have with anyone, but love making takes you to new heights and you may just find that you didn't even know what you were looking for when you found it. Wink Each person has a soul and you shouldn't disrespect that when you want to get that intimate with someone. By all means if you go this route, protect yourself! Good Luck!
Signed- another Hot Wonder Woman Laughing Rolling Eyes Wink

Uh, hello? This is what hot chicks were put on this earth to do. God would be very upset if you didn't put that body into action.

Yeves, there is a world of difference between sex and intimacy, and I don't think that Dan was looking for the latter.

You probably don't get laid much, do you, Stray?

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