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Home  >   Ask Mattamnuel (love advice from a real lover)   >   What kind of panties do guys like to see girls in?
If you are looking for love advice from a real lover please let me inform you that you have found the place.

Click here to ask Mattmanuel.

What kind of panties do guys like to see girls in?

I just want to know what kinda panties Guys like to see there lady in ?


Answers (not necesarilly from the Mattmanuel)

i love it so much when a girl wear spiderman underoos thats my favorite all time but once mary phillips wore a skirt to class and didnt wear any underwear i could tell because i was sitting straight across from her it was kind of gross but kind of exciting at the same time

Okay Sweet Dee, I was at Victoria's Secret yesterday, so I've got some fresh ideas of what's sexy.... first of all, lots of the things in that store only seem to work if your body is perfect, which is kind of discouraging to 99.9% of women, but don't despair.

I personally like simple things, like solid black with no lace and just an elegant cut.. the shape really depends on your ass and your hips. I could probably be convinced to like thongs, but I always end up wondering if it's really uncomfortable.. still, they can be pretty hot. I saw a nice thong yesterday that had little fake jewels on the back in the shape of a heart... cute. They also had really lacey things, which under the right circumstances could work..

But different men can have really different tastes, so try asking him.. unless you want it to be a surprise or something.. in which case, any kind of panties will really be a turn on for him as long as he gets to take them off of you eventually.

It's hard to experiment with this stuff a lot since the nicer things are usually pretty expensive, but try a few different things.

just curious, but, Eliot, which mary phillips are you talking about?

I'm going to have to go with A. Game on the simple. i read or saw in some movie somewhere that most guys find the simple white woman-tightywhiteys the sexiest. as for the g-strings? no string in the crack, thats gross, i dont care how much ass i can see. and this thing with the girls, esp the young girls wearing the gstring up above the top of your pants? thats disgusting. see-through is cool though.

you know kemlo the mary phillips

wait a minute are you saying there might be more than one mary phillips because if there is then maybe i can finally have a chance to date mary phillips because i totally struck out with the one i know

I vote simple but sexy. Black or white, lace.


I'd like a pair that had a picture of me on them!

LOL! I don't care what people say about you Billy, you crack me up!

By the way since i am a girl i don't really hvae a say in this..i wear simple thongs and such, or bikini unnderwear..as for the unconfortableness, Most girls like wearing them for the one thing that you don't feel them at all if its on in the right place... its actually really confortable.

Shocked Twisted Evil
Well I like to see a woman in something small. bikini,string,or thong. Lace and silk is always nice but there are some cotton panties that have made me squirm a bit as well. So to the point be yourself if you feel sexy in them that is what counts

I like girls in tight white corsets with frilly panties and stocking garters. Thigh high stocking garters.

ROFL im sorry.. that cracked me up.. frilly..and.. hahahahahaha!!! Razz

I hate the word panties… there is something so salacious about it.

No modern-women calls her under garments panties…

How about pantaloons?

I was a camp counselor at a day camp for a few years- and we had the kids make up names for their "Olympic" teams - one little girl suggested they name their team the 'Pantaloons'- and the rest of the team bought it! By far the coolest team name I've seen.


That is cool Trick Pony. I like that kind of subtle humiliation.

Mattmanuel's opinion on the matter is that panties should never be worn for anything other than functional reasons. They are extremely objectionable and should be removed immediately after the top layer.

This is especially true of the frilly lace undergarments, which should be burned and discarded after removal.

Bras are okay.

I'm a girl so don't get me wrong. Anyway I wear thong to school every single day (except when I got my "red"). Whenever I sat down, my thong always shows alot and it bugs me. Later on theres this guy, he invite my ex, my crush, and 8 other guys to come and help him to pull down my pants so they can see it clearly. So I could tell that guys like to see girls with thong on. Some guys have different taste but guys that I know sure like to see girls with thong. They even wish that they were in girls locker room so they can see me or other girls.


Just out of curiosity, what is your native language?

Ii dated a girl once who hated the word panties. She didnt wear thongs nearly enough.

If there is one thing i would ever thank popular culture for is finally make girls want to wear thongs. It wouldnt be the same if thongs hadnt been the uniform for strippers the world over. Plus the directional qualities of the the thong are amusing.

Oh and the whole panty line business is propaganda to make you ladies think there is actually a use for thongs. Any guy who is looking can tell when i girl is wearing a thong or not. That or im one over observant freak.

Red black and white are the best colors. animal prints are sexy too. Invest in thong with a zipper on the front. very fun!! lace and especially sheer fabriccs rock the house. "so soft!!!Smile"

I been steeped in anime style for decades so the tight white panties are also very cute.

distroy all panies made by hanes. granny panties are the work of the devil!!

and screw bras. if you dont have a big set i dont care. padding makes you look like your trying to be somthing your not. Small cute breasts are very sexy!!! but i get off subject

buy lowrise thongs and sell all your old panties to some perverted japanes guy. thats money in the bank.

william preston,


I think he is asking you that because none of your sentences made the least bit of sense.

Well, I would say rather, that you have an interesting grammatical sensibility, which in most cases would indicate that English is your second tongue. If this is the case I would like to congratulate you on having better English than one third of the people who post in this forum. If English is your native language, well....

william preston,

i am like half. One half is I'm from Philliphine and another is from Indonesia. I have this little accent from Australia cause my dad is half philliphine and australia.

well then...

It's a will known fact that in the Phillipines they speak not only Tagolog, a weird language that's a mish-mash of spanish and some more local tongues, but also a degenerate form of English that I can only describe as "Englursh".

I'd say that in light of your geographical handicap you're doing all right.

hehehehehe............... Laughing Laughing Laughing

thank you I appreciate it. Even though I, myself think that I'm not good enough.

Your English is much better than my Tagolog Playboyhottie, so don't feel bad.

Thank You Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

Oh pushaw!
You guys are so trying to see Playboyhotties PANTIES!

Just ask for the pic and get on with it.

Tagolog... Rolling Eyes

While it would be amusing to see there are more than enough images on the internet of girls in panties.

If I may change the subject. What kind of UNDERWEAR do women like to see men in?

I tend to prefer the sexiness of a full shinobi shozoko...

A man:

ANYTHING but tightie-whities. They look like freaking diapers. Ew, ew, ew.

But boxers and boxer briefs are very yummy and going commando has its advantages.

No tightie whities?!

I have a pair with Christopher Walken's face right on the crotch that I think are pretty cool. I think you might change your mind if they made underoos for adults.


I like character underwear myself. Its sort of awesome to have a sense of humor about your nether regions. Anything to make me laugh. Although, there is something about the white tighties... plain white. Red piping or some other color is good. And I am NOT a fan of boxer briefs. They just sort of freak me out. G Strings... well they would totally crack me up, so I say got for it. The chubbier the better.

Hmmm, Christopher Walken, eh? "The Contintental"? I would have to say if I ripped off a guy's pants to find CW staring back at me, the emotional scars would be irreversible. On the other hand, with another girl, you'd have a hard time keeping them on (if you decided to try), so, that's cool.

I personally don't mind either type of underwear on guys. Hey, no underwear is fine, too. Hell, why don't all guys just play volleyball naked in their backyard. Maybe then I'd actually appreciate that sport.

I like wearing a thong when I'm with a lady. Makes me feel all sexy like I'm a sexy male stripper. I would never wear a thong otherwise. I dont wear tight pants that i need to worry about VUL.

I think girls think I'm a bit off for wearing a thong and being straight. I honesrly dont associate sexual prefrence with underwear choice. If amuses Kraka k then it must be cool.

They should print oral sex users manuals for te sexually inept printed on underwear. If your down there it helps to have a cheat sheet for good oral:)

Hell, why don't all guys just play volleyball naked in their backyard.

Totally reminded me of a childhood occurance. I was with Nat in my backyard, maybe 11 years old... just being bored. All of the sudden, 2 guys come into the neighbor's yard. They proceed to jump into their pool, but much to Nat's and my own amusment/horror, they did handstands, with pants doffed!. Then they proceeded to jump up and down on the diving board FACING US. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Nat laughed so i followed. They quickly left. I really wanted to cry.

I highly suggest some sort of restrainment on your "leviathan", boys.

I totally agree, i like to see naked woman also

When I was a kid, thongs were cheap, flat, rubber sandals which today are referred to as flip-flops. In the undergarment sense, how about "floss for the vertical grin"?

Besides, what difference does it make what kind of skivvies you wear?
Sexy is not in the chonies, but in the mind, my friends.

By the way, guys, just like you can tell when a girl is flossin' or not, we chicas can tell when you've shaken off or not...hello, quarter spot!!

Shaken off?

Quarter spot?

Color me confused, yet curious.


Very, Very bad. I must agree with the diaper comment! They take all of the rush out of it.

[quote="Daniel Strange"]
Shaken off?

Quarter spot?

Color me confused, yet curious.

To "shake it off"...possibly a myth, but rumors suggest that after a male urinates, he sometimes chooses to shake/jiggle his penis to rid any excess pee, therefore keeping any dribbles out of his underpants.

The "quarter spot"...definitely not a myth, and most often seen with drunken males...a darkened and most likely moist spot on the front of a guy's pants (crotch area), roughly the size of a quarter, which proves that said male either didn't "shake it off" or has an incontinence problem.


I just learned five new things.


In other news, has anyone noticed how much cooler boys underwear is than girls? I got underwear with Transformers Armada on the bum and from what I've seen at Walmart girls just got plain pink underpants with maybe a little bow.

In the battle of bows vs. Transformers Armada, bows go down like a diving duck.

Keep your eyes on your quarter spots boys.

Transform and Roll Out,
"Bumblebee" Kistler

Off topic guys! lol funny people

I would just like to say that...


My Boyfriend wears briefs and I love to see him in them!

Once, we were wrestling on my bed, and I was winning... I decided to pull off his pants, and saw a pair of blue boxers....eewwww! I pushed him onto the bed, and walked out of the room... when i got back, He was standing up. I pushed him down, ripped a pair of pink panties from my drawer, and pulled his boxers off. I put him in my pair... and then we fooled around a bit. He now wears either briefs or my panties! If he doesn't, He gets a swift kick in the balls or a wedgie hanging from the roof...(He's had both before!)


whats wrong with you people! i love guys in boxers.. specially plaid.. something about guys in plaid turns me on ... but not plaid pants Shocked but those plaid button down shirts with a shirt underneath is so hot! in my opinion anyways Smile

Personally, I'm not too picky about guys' chonies- boxers, briefs, boxer-briefs(the best of both worlds)-as long as they're clean...and please leave the thongs to the teeny-boppers, Fabio.

Do any of you guys like the boy-cut look on girls?


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