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Celebrity rumors, movie news, and drunken movie reviews by Dancin' Dan Strange.

Hollywood Rumor: Gwen Stefani Loves Anal Sex

As all of you "Hollywood Happy Hour" readers are well aware, I don't like posting rumors without getting a little smidgen of confirmation on them first (if I did, I'd mention that Fiona Apple broke up with Paul Thomas Anderson because he was caught giving meat injections to Estella Warren). Well, back in 1995 I heard a rumor about a "friend-of-a-friend" who had dated Gwen Stefani before she got famous. According to this dude, the only way she could get off was through anal sex.

Mentally I filed that rumor away under "Yeah, right", but then recently I saw the video for "Hey Baby" or whatever their latest single is called. And there's Gwen Stefani at the end of the video, singing, "All the boys get the girls in the back," and pointing explicitly at her ass. It was enough to remind me of what the "friend-of-a-friend" had said and make me think, "Hmmm, maybe that guy wasn't full of shit."


The Verdict:
Gwen might just make Gavin ram it up the poop chute



I knew a guy pretty well who had played a few shows with the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. One of those guys was dating her before her band got big and said the same thing.



Oh Sabrina,

You're killing me. I love the little Gwen reference you threw in there.

fine he is right but I highly DOUBT that.

As in NO DOUBT. I'm in stitches.

Seriously believe whatever you want about Gwen and her virginity. We're not trying to destroy your heroines but ask yourself this: Is there anything really wrong with this fetish? I mean if she enjoys it and the guy's willing, where's the harm?

Also for fuck's sake, don't read magazines and recite them as fact. It's insulting to you and me.

Keep in touch,

just to make clear E.L.'s point about not reciting articles from your 17 magazine as fact, imagine that Gwen actually does sleep around a lot (what?!?! a rock star sleep around?!?!) and takes it in the ass whenever she can... this isn't exactly the kind of stuff that is endearing to most of the young girls who read those things, so naturally she's not going to talk about it, and people aren't going to report on it unless she gets arrested for some sort of lewd public display of ass-ramming.

I personally would trust almost any half-baked rumor over the sludge you find on fan web sites or in magazines.

and one final note: there are probably lots of people who would not consider anal sex as "losing one's virginity" for technical reasons, so she could have been getting the good ol' anal probe since she was 12 for all we know and still "lose her virginity" to Tony kAnal

The notion that Gwen would be taking it up the ass came to me as soon as I first saw the video, and I still find it as exciting (sexually, that is) as ever.


I agree. Hurray for sexual gratification! Gwen wants Gavin to ram it up the poopchute? Good for her. I'm 110% in favor of people getting their rocks off, and if Gwen gets hers off by being browntongued, then yes, Hurrah. And if impul.se gets his rocks off thinking about her getting her rocks off by taking it up the ass, DOUBLE-Hurrah. America may have been founded by Puritans, but that doesn't mean we have to still act close-minded about sex! And in appreciation of Gwen's anal sex fetish, I'm declaring May 1st "Gwen Stefani/Anal Sex Day." That's right America, you heard it here first.

Stefanal Day?

Excellent. Look forward to this holiday in the e-cards.

How about sodam and gamora day? Roving bands of perverts fucking anything with or with out a pulse in any opening they can find!!!
I want to be in cali for the Gwen DVDA!!! Its good to be satan:)

Dear Satan,

I will forward your suggestion to the proper authorities.

In the meantime, I hope everyone is enjoying Stefanal Day. Do your best to either ram it up the poopchute or get rammed tonight! You'll be spreading the joy. And remember, always use protection.


gwen stefani .... what a yummy ass


ok, im a huge No Doubt fan and it kind of grossed me out to read that...but its probably all bullshit anyway. like some of you people said, sure stuff you hear in magazines 1000s of times over again and again may be lies....but that means that this one stupid 3-word article about something ONE person said (or made up that someone said) is probably a lie too.
who cares, why do people write this shit?
true or not, it doesn't change how much i look up to Gwen and ND.
people need to stop wasting their time with this garbage... Rolling Eyes

ps: no one said anything about seventeen magazine, they were talking about WHEN gwen was 17! dumbass...

hardcore fans see many interviews, its not all 2 sentence blurbs in magazines that educates us...lol

What's so wrong with liking anal sex? You make it sound like a bad thing. Geezus. It's no worse than oral sex, you fucking idiot puritan.

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